Panels switch with the Application

For every desktop application Keymand creates a unique Console with 4 Panels of Buttons ready to make your job easier.

Each Panel has 64 buttons for a total of 256 buttons.


Personalization is simple, quick & easy

In Settings you select a button, type the shortcut and name it with the Keymand extended keyboard, select a color and get back to work.

You can Cut, Copy, and  Paste buttons between panels and applications, too.


Easy to create, easy to change, easy to use.

Having all your shortcuts where you want, the way you want, gives you greater control over your work, time and creativity.

Free your mind from the mental clutter of looking up, memorizing and recalling every software shortcut you want to use.


For every  desktop applications  Keymand  has a Console. Every console has 4 Panels of buttons which gives you  room to grow and be diverse in your layouts.


Communication between Keymand on your iPad and your computer is fast and responsive to your needs as you work with one or a dozen applications.


The simple design allows you to focus on what’s important – doing what you need to do without clutter.


No more need to memorize shortcuts. Now, use every shortcut the moment you need it.  Keymand makes your job easier, helps you master any application and redefines your process.


All your Panels are saved right on the iPad so traveling to another job or switching between computers is seamless.

Internationally Friendly

Works in any language. Simply choose your language in the iPads settings and Keymand Pad will work natively.

See how easy it is to setup Keymand and improve your work flow.

Keymand is now available!
Download the iPad app from the App Store and download Keymand DT, the free desktop app, here.

You can also download the User Manual and check out ALL the features and functions.

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